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Biodiversity Leader Training with Cabragh Wetlands

Nature And Biodiversity In Your Locality
Some goals achieved from our 5 Year Plan
Discourage use of chemicals wherever possible
Conduct Habitat Survey at St Stephen's BG with a view to creating/managing biodiverse habitats

One of our members Damien has joined this course which is delivered in a series of online and face to face learning and field trips.

Biodiversity Leader Training with Cabragh Wetlands

History of the Site

How does it work?

South Tipperary Development Company in conjunction with Technical University of the Shannon (TUS) and Cabragh Wetlands Trust are offering a free Climate Action Training Course.  This 8 month programme will particularly benefit people involved with groups such as Tidy Towns,  Schools, Community Councils, Green Businesses as well as interested individuals.

The aim of this course is to educate students in applied local ecology management through hands-on evidence based field work within common native habitats including Woodlands, Ponds and streams, Bogs/marshes, Farmlands, Hedgerow / unimproved meadows.

CTT have sent Damien as their representative. Overall aim is to increase the knowledge base within CTT and to apply it to existing and forthcoming projects. Almost all CTT projects are informed by responding to the Biodiversity Crisis. It is hoped that dissemination of this knowledge to other volunteers will result in more sustainable outcomes to our existing and future projects and community work.

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