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Laneways of Clonmel

Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes

By cleaning up the laneways and making them more accessible, people are being encouraged to park in car parks and walk into the town centre. We continue to support the work of the Council by cleaning the lanes regularly and dealing with graffiti.

Laneways of Clonmel
Some goals achieved from our 5 Year Plan
Encourage businesses to paint properties so they look fresh and inviting
Monitor signage clutter on approach roads and take action as required


In 1944 a Sheela-na-gig was found in a wall in Blue Anchor Lane. Sheela na Gig are ancient stone carvings with large, skull-like heads that stand or squat in an act of display, thighs spread, and one or both hands pointing to or pulling apart an exaggerated vulva. Often they have protruding ribs and sagging breasts. The meaning of these carvings – whether a fertility symbol or an ancient way of jazzing up your castle walls or a way of scaring the devil– is still in dispute. The Sheela-na-gig that was found is now on display in the National Museum in Dublin. We have recently been in contact with them and hope that going forward a replica of the Sheela-na-gig can be reinstalled in Blue Anchor Lane.

Hopkins Lane got a new paint job in September 2021. We continue to monitor the laneway as it is graffitied regularly and, at the request of local businesses, we will be painting it again in June 2022.

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