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Old Town Boundaries - Painting

Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes
Some goals achieved from our 5 Year Plan
Encourage businesses to paint properties so they look fresh and inviting
Monitor signage clutter on approach roads and take action as required

Over the past 150 years Clonmel has expanded its boundaries 3 times. Evidence of these expansions still exist today on our approach roads, streets and lanes in the form of boundary markers.

Old Town Boundaries - Painting

History of the Site

Visit our maps page to see the boundary marker locations.


During Lockdown as we spent time reacquainting ourselves with our home town we encouraged members of the public to rediscover Clonmel Town Boundary Markers. The markers were installed with each expansion of the town. Many have been lost over the years so we decided to ensure that the remaining markers were revitalised with a fresh coat of paint as well as raising the awareness of the public by promoting the work through social media. This has been a wonderfully engaging project with the community. The response to the newly painted signs has been gratifying. It is also a way of highlighting a part of Clonmel's Heritage to the local community. These newly painted signs, particularly the boundary markers, should ensure they remain a part of the fabric of the town into the future. We will continue to uncover these parts of our town's heritage and bring them back into the public’s consciousness.


One of the first projects we initiated this year was to invite people to rediscover Boundary markers as they went on their 2 km and then 5km walks. We asked for photographs of bins so we could map these too. Using funds we were unable to spend on previously planned projects, we employed a new local I.T. business to assist us and re- vamp our website. It now has maps of litter bins, green spaces and boundary markers.

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