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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Sustainability - Doing More With Less
Some goals achieved from our 5 Year Plan
Use CTT Facebook page to promote category 'Tip of the Week', etc. sharing current campaigns
Seasonal window display initiative - showcase reuse and upcycle projects
Setup sub-committee/project group to focus only on this category

This year we purchased push mowers to cut down on our use of petrol. We promote this action through our social media in the hope of encouraging others to go down this route. We are fortunate to have a Hub to promote our work and Tidy Towns projects. From day one we choose not to have services.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

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Water conservation is a priority for Clonmel Tidy Towns and this year we teamed up with Tipperary County Council to promote the use of water butts for water collection. Two secondary schools and one primary school were happy to engage with us. We also supported Old St. Mary’s community with water barrels for the Vegetable Garden.

In McDonagh Crescent we used mulch around newly planted trees to conserve moisture and lessen water use. Going forward we are looking for ways to gather rainwater.

Tipperary County Council have made great changes to the type of vehicles they use. Currently they have four electric vehicles in the fleet. They are continuously looking at using EV’s where suitable. As EV’s may not be either suitable or available to replace a lot of the vehicles in their fleet, they are also looking at other alternative fuels. 10 vehicles are running on HVO fuel on a trial basis. Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil has up to a 90% reduction in Greenhouse Gas CO2 emissions and can be used as a replacement fuel instead of diesel. It is manufactured from 100% renewable raw materials like waste fats and vegetable oils. The disadvantages are that it is considerably more expensive than diesel and availability of supply is limited.

Clonmel is fortunate to have citizens who recognise the way we shop needs to change. We have a number of premises whose aim is to promote local producers and sustainable practices. We promote these businesses on our social media. Local bakers and butchers and gift shops are also part of the fabric of our town not only employing people but using local products and promoting local artists.

Seed saving is a really important part of our Autumn work.

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